[Winpt-users] Cant Sign/Encrypt Notepad file

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Sat Nov 3 21:59:34 CET 2007

Oliver Arp wrote:

>> ii) The encrypted text is not paste back to the window
> Yes, I checked the clipboard, the encrypted text is in there.
> How can it be pasted into the open window? Notepad in this case.
> I checked that I used to encrypt "current window" and not clipboard.

The problem with the current window code is, that it depends on
"unstable" conditions. For example on same machines the code does
not seem to work at all, on some machines there are windows which
do not "allow" to paste the text back and sometimes it just does not
work even if it should. On my machine I never encountered any problems
but I heard from other users, who said the environment is equal or at
least very similar and on there machines it does not work.

Sometimes the current window loses the focus and then WinPT can't
paste it back. You should try again or use the menu entry instead
of the hot key.

I'm sorry to say that this issue cannot be easily fixed because the
feature relies on kind of a trick, which prevents that the functionality
can be assured. :-(


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