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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Arcmap2sld-commits cvs commits
Dive4Elements-commits cvs commits
Dive4Elements-devel Contributors and Developers coordinate, technical
Farol-commits Commit messages
Farol-discuss Discussion list about the Farol platform
Formed-commits cvs commits
Freezvaut-commits cvs commits
Freezvaut-devel Developer discussion
Frida-commits cvs commits
Getan-commits cvs commits
Getan-devel getan development list
Gpa-commits cvs commits
Gpg4kde-announce News around Gpg4kde, low traffic
Gpg4kde-commits cvs commits
Gpg4win-announce Gpg4win Announcements in English language
Gpg4win-announce-de Gpg4win-Bekanntmachungen in deutscher Sprache
Gpg4win-commits Gpg4win git commits
Gpg4win-devel Developer discussion
Gpg4win-users-de Benutzer-Diskussion in deutscher Sprache
Gpg4win-users-en Users discussion in English language
Gpgoe-commits cvs commits
Greater-commits cvs commits
Inteproxy-commits cvs commits
Inteproxy-devel Developer discussion.
Kolab-commits cvs commits
Kolab-server-commits cvs commits
Kolab-users-de German-speaking Kolab user list
Lada-commits Notifications of source code changes
Lohnrecher-commits cvs commits
Lohnrechner-commits cvs commits
mapWOC-announce mapWOC announcements
mapWOC-commits hg commits
mapWOC-devel Developer discussion
Mpuls-announce mpuls related announcements
Mpuls-commits svn commits
Mpuls-devel mpuls development discussions
MXD2map-commits HG commits
MXD2map-devel MXD2map-development discussions
Newsadmin-commits cvs commits
Openpgpmdrv-commits cvs commits
Osaas-commits cvs commits
Peerrating-commits cvs commits
Piechart-commits cvs commits
Pyshapelib-commits Commits
Python-kolab-commits cvs commits
Saegewerk-commits cvs commits
Schmitzm-commits cvs commits
Siteadmin-commits cvs commits
Skencil-commits cvs commits
Skencil-devel Development coordination and discussion.
Skencil-users User Discussions
Statist-commits cvs commits
Stats-commits cvs commits
Thuban-commits cvs commits
Treepkg-commits cvs commits
Trustbridge-commits Commits to the SCM
Webfgsk-commits cvs commits
Webflysuesk-commits cvs commits
Webflysuesk-devel List for discussion development-parts of webflysuesk
Winpt-svn-logs WinPT commit logs
Winpt-users WinPT user discussion
Wsplgen-commits cvs commits
Xulu-commits cvs commits

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