dive4elements/river at 7348: 3 new changesets

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Wed Oct 16 11:46:29 CEST 2013

3 new changesets in dive4elements/river:
pushed by: aheinecke

changeset:   7346:42acdab9803a
parent:      7339:40e5ad76103c
user:        Andre Heinecke <aheinecke at intevation.de>
date:        Tue Oct 15 17:01:20 2013 +0200
summary:     Break sometimes when dumping variables. Still ugly but a bit nicer.

changeset:   7347:93a1e63f5644
user:        Andre Heinecke <aheinecke at intevation.de>
date:        Wed Oct 16 11:42:53 2013 +0200
summary:     Add debug output for variables in user context

changeset:   7348:59bfda45262b
tag:         tip
user:        Andre Heinecke <aheinecke at intevation.de>
date:        Wed Oct 16 11:45:23 2013 +0200
summary:     (issue1474) Add sqrelation user data and disable filtering for it

Repository URL: https://scm.wald.intevation.org/hg/dive4elements/river

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