dive4elements/river at 9124: 2 new changesets

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Tue Jun 5 19:21:31 CEST 2018

2 new changesets in dive4elements/river:
pushed by: gernotbelger

changeset:   9123:1cc7653ca84f
user:        gernotbelger
date:        Tue Jun 05 19:21:16 2018 +0200
summary:     Cleanup of ChartGenerator and ChartGenerator2 code. Put some of the copy/pasted code into a common abstraction.

changeset:   9124:3f619f8dfa8e
tag:         tip
user:        gernotbelger
date:        Tue Jun 05 19:21:23 2018 +0200
summary:     NEw export option for diagramms: with or without extra metadata subtitle

Repository URL: https://scm.wald.intevation.org/hg/dive4elements/river

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