dive4elements/river at 8921: 5 new changesets

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Thu Mar 1 09:12:13 CET 2018

5 new changesets in dive4elements/river:
pushed by: mschaefer

changeset:   8917:86395ab8ebc3
parent:      8911:37ff7f435912
user:        mschaefer
date:        Mon Feb 26 18:56:05 2018 +0100
summary:     SINFO Flowdepth: d50 aggregation by median instead of arithmetic mean

changeset:   8918:87aa705e1e99
parent:      8913:924cd9943337
parent:      8917:86395ab8ebc3
user:        mschaefer
date:        Mon Feb 26 18:58:37 2018 +0100
summary:     Merge

changeset:   8919:89f7d13746c0
parent:      8914:e3519c3e7a0a
parent:      8918:87aa705e1e99
user:        mschaefer
date:        Wed Feb 28 18:14:55 2018 +0100
summary:     Merge sinfo/flowdepth/BedQualityD50KmValueFinder

changeset:   8920:29442c03c6e3
parent:      8916:5d5d0051723f
user:        mschaefer
date:        Thu Mar 01 09:01:58 2018 +0100
summary:     d50 aggregation by median instead of arithmetic mean,

changeset:   8921:48d5812e8fd5
tag:         tip
parent:      8920:29442c03c6e3
parent:      8919:89f7d13746c0
user:        mschaefer
date:        Thu Mar 01 09:04:39 2018 +0100
summary:     Merge

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