[Gpg4win-announce] Gpg4win 2.0.2 RC2 released

Emanuel Schütze emanuel at intevation.de
Mon Mar 8 12:44:31 CET 2010


the second release candidate of Gpg4win 2.0.2 is available for download:


This version is intended for trying out and testing the furthcoming major 
version 2.0.2. There are a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

Short overview on changes compared to version 2.0.1:
- Kleopatra:
  * New certificate wizard for OpenPGP and X.509 improved
  * Certificate selection dialog for sign/encrypt comes up in case of  
    conflict only
  * Result dialog for sign/encrypt combined in one window
  * File crypto operations with GpgEX stabilized
  * SmartCard support for X.509 NetKey cards improved
  * Rekursive sign/encrypt of files/directory now possible; condition:  
    external archive tool required (see README file for configuration)
  * new oxygen icons
  * Several minor and medium issues and errors were fixed

- GpgOL:
  * Symbol load mechanism improved to add new icons
    (now with crypto icons for the message list)

- Pinentry:
  * Change default: switch from GTK to QT4
  * new icons for pinentry-qt4
  * Pinentry-qt4 dialog always comes up in foreground

- GnuPG-Backend:
  * Generate new certificate for OpenPGP/X.509: default key length
    updated (new Default: RSA, 2048 bit); 
    furthermore select list of key length in Kleopatra updated

- Installer:
  * new images for NSIS installer

- Included components are:
    GnuPG:        2.0.14
    Kleopatra:    2.0.14-svn1098539 (20100303)
    GPA:          0.9.0
    GpgOL:        1.1.1
    GpgEX:        0.9.5
    Claws-Mail:   3.7.4cvs1
    Kompendium:   3.0.0-beta4

Please test this version and send your test reports to the gpg4win 
developer mailing list (gpg4win-devel at wald.intevation.org). The final 2.0.2 
release will come in the next weeks. Thank you for your help!

With best regards

   your Gpg4win Development Team

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