[Gpg4win-users-en] Thunderbird in gpg4win?

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Tue Aug 21 21:47:32 CEST 2007

It's true, I exaggerated. I suspected some Claws users would get upset,
but I wrote it anyway, sorry for that. Personally, Thunderbird fits my
needs much better, and I find the GUI better than Claws GUI. But i
understand that tastes are different.

Anyway, my point is still important:
Why include a plugin for Outlook (previously also Outlook express), but
not enigmail for Thunderbird?
Why include Claws, but not enigmail for Thunderbird?
Personally I find Thunderbird + Enigmail very good, and I think at least
Enigmail should be included in the gpg4win package.
(It would be too complicated to include all translation files for
Enigmail plus all localized Thunderbird versions)
A minimum would be to mention it on the download page, as I believe many
new users of gpg would find it useful to directly get to know the most
feature rich email client with a well made GUI, and with a lot of skins
and plugins.

When I first started to use gpg, I just encrypted files, then sent them
by email.
But after a while I tried Outlook Express together with gpgoe, and got
disappointed, gpgoe wasn't well integrated into OE.
Then I tried Sylpheed-Claws and got even more disappointed. It had GPG
support included, but it was of poor quality, and couldn't handle SSL
well, and it couldn't send html email(the most common type of email!).
(I understand that a number of improvements and bug fixes have been made
to the Sylpheed-Claws client and to the Claws client since when I tried
S-C, so the problems connecting to SSL servers might be fixed. I don't
know about full html email support, perhaps it works now, I don't know.
The GUI still doesn't look very exciting, but it's OK.)

Anyway after testing both OE+gpgoe and S-C for a few weeks, I started
searching for someting else. I searched on the internet and I found
Thunderbird + enigmail. Since then I've been using it and I'm very happy
with it. I personally find it better than Outlook Express, Outlook,
Claws(Sylpheed) and Eudora(old). Well Outlook has a great calendar with
the possibility to invite workmates to meetings, etc... But apart from
the calendar, Thunderbird fits all my needs, including GPG support with

So in order to help gpg4win users to quickly find the best email client
for their needs, I suggest that the webmaster adds links to more email
clients that support GPG (natively or with a plugin).

I fully understand those that find Claws(and Sylpheed) better, because
of the native support for GPG and the security. But there are other
aspects that might be more important to other people. For example
regularly updated translations, skins, portability (USB-stick), special
plugins, etc...
Because the preferences and needs are so different, I think many new
users of gpg4win would appreciate a list of email clients that can be
used together with GPG. (And possibly plugins included in the gpg4win
package) The choice between Claws and Outlook will not satisfy every GPG
user. Some might even stop using GPG, because neither Claws nor Outlook
fits their needs, and they're too lazy, busy or careless about security
to start searching for a better email client.

Paul skrev:
> On Mon, 20 Aug 2007 08:02:31 +0100
> Paul <paul at claws-mail.org> wrote: 
>> On Sun, 19 Aug 2007 21:13:09 +0200
>> "gpg4win at gmail.com" <gpg4win at gmail.com> wrote: 
>>> Claws is of poor quality lacking functionality  
>> Got to disagree with that!
> I got a mail from "gpg4win at gmail.com" privately, off-list,
> and he has admitted that he was just trolling with such
> statements, but "couldn't resist".
> best regards
> Paul

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