[Gpg4win-users-en] Bugs?

Bob Henson bob.henson at galen.org.uk
Wed Oct 24 16:36:26 CEST 2007

I installed GPG4Win and have been trying it out using Outlook 2003. I
have had several problems mostly concerned with the keymanagers.

Any attempt to download a key with GPA results in it hanging completely.
A small window pops up, but stays empty and the program hangs
completely. Moving the pop-up window leaves a trail of windows behind as
it moves.

I get an error message on closing WinPT (set to backup the keyring on
closing), saying "backup keyring "secring" failed".

Attempting to verify (or decrypt) messages using WinPT "current window"
fails each time saying there is no text in the window - but copying the
text to the clipboard and verifying from there usually works.

Everything works fine from Thunderbird and GnuPG/Enigmail. Outlook/GPGol
seems to work OK with e-mail. I'm using the latest GPG4Win version, have
plenty of memory (2Gb) and have my keyring in a TrueCrypt volume (which
might be relevant or not).

Are these known problems? I'm not keen on using any of these programs as
things stand - I suspect they might damage the keyring.



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