[Gpg4win-users-en] Encryption and signing problem O2k3

Richard Rieger richard416282 at yahoo.ca
Thu Aug 14 20:59:32 CEST 2008

ch3mik wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have just installed "gpg4win 1.1.3 light", I have a key-pair for my
> own e-mail address, I have my friend's public keys, GPGol appears in
> Tools --> Options --> GnuPG but...
> When I try to send e-mail signed or encrypted, Outlook 2003 asks for
> my private key password, but *don't* sign or encrypt anything. Just
> send e-mail without any GnuPG touch.
> How can I resolve this?
> Regards.
Hello & welcome cm3mik.

It appears you are not the only one with a problem with the GPGol plug
in. There *may* have been some changes in the front end , and the Back
end Code, that is tripping up the handling of Parameters , and the
"Enhanced" Security Features of the Recent Patches to Windows OS.

If you look under your options, You may need to check if some of the
Defaults have changed since Installing Outlook 2003.


A) Develop a Backup Plan for recovery of your E-mail, Contacts, Notes,
Memos, Schedules, etc.

B) Consider going to Mozilla Thunderbird with Scheduling Option PlugIn,

C) Try turning on the "Debug File", in the Optional code for Kleopatra,
and pick a place that the code can be written to.

D)Are there any other Firewall Apps running at the same time, and

E) See if the system pumps out any log files or changed files at the
same time you are sending (Yes , you have to search the whole drive of
C:\) and specify the date you sent the e-mail.

It is small comfort, you are not alone, I have similar problems, but am
trying to decipher the C code to get a handle on where things are going


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