[Gpg4win-users-en] gpa.exe has encountered an error...

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Jul 13 18:48:08 CEST 2009

On Thu,  9 Jul 2009 21:46, seldom at hushmail.com said:

> Whenever I generate a key with GPA I get an error saying "gpa.exe 
> has encountered an error and needs to close..." When I restart GPA 
> the key I was in the middle of creating is there and seems to be ok.

Often this means that GPA gets an unknown diagnostics from the crypto
backend, which may just be informational, and figures that it better
dies.  Although we are working on revamping the old code, there are lots
of old code parts we never touched and they sometimes fail.

> I was trying to work through the GPG for Novices manual but Adele's 
> replies are all in German which I don't understand. So for practice 

Please write to peter at gerwinski.de and ask him to release the code
for that application.  As a former member of the FSF Europe he should
know about the advantages of Free Software - but sometimes he sticks to
his own mind.

> When this error occurs I also get a pop-up about sending an error 
> report to Microsoft. When it sends this report there's also a txt 

It is hard to deduce anything from such core dumps.  Better descibe
exactly how you did it, so that some of us can replicate the problem.

Another way to figure what is going on is to make use of GPGME
debugging.  GPGME is the glue code which connects the frontend (GPA) to
the backend (GPG) and it is capabale of tracing almost all data
exchange.  To use that:

 * Open a command window
 * Enter:
    set GPGME_DEBUG=9;\tmp\gpgme.log
   or use any other valid file name.
 * Make sure that this file does not exists.
 * Start gpa:
 * After it crashes, the file should have a lot of debug info.  If you
   did not used any confidential data; that is you did this all with
   test data and test account, send that file to a developer
   (e.g. wk at gnupg.org (no html parts please)).



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