[Gpg4win-users-en] Aesthetics, integration, and file associations

Simon lists.gpg4win at privateofcourse.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 18:07:37 CEST 2009

'Ello Gpg4win Users,

 Just points about aesthetics, integration, and file associations!


 Maybe not on top of anyone's list of things to do..or even consider, but I
 personally would eventually like to see some 'harmony' across components in
 the GPG4Win package. That is, that the package can eventually be looked at
 as a whole rather than various parts scrubbled together for convenience.
 With this in mind, to the next point:

 Icons and file associations

 There are no file associations created using any components of the Gpg4Win
 package, and even if there were how do open the sig and asc files? The
 GPGee shell extension was supposed to get around that but the latest
 version (beta) doesn't work, and I eventually uninstalled it. Besides, it
 duplicated features in WinPT. I nonetheless still create associations
 myself and assign file types icons...because at the least it is visually
 pleasing - icons are taken from Imad's last CKT PGP build, which is what I
 used to use.


 The integration with Windows is still pretty abysmal, but I'm not slating
 the programs, just making a point. For example, whilst I'm glad to be able
 to have WinPT I haven't found a way to access the WinPT key manager except
 via WinPT. My email client provides a path to a keymanager but unless
 there's no way (I know of) to call the key manager part).

 Are any of these things ever going to be considered in the later versions,
 or are they being considered?

Simon (Privateofcourse)
#18305. Soh Won Gid Ewer? ¶

Auxiliary Information:
 • GnuPG 1.49 / WinPT 1.41
 • Windows XP Pro 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3

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