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>> The RC1 release seems to work fine, except for some quirks
>thanks for the testing and the nice feedback!

No problem, I have more info, see bottom of this mail!

>> with "Leave
>> message open when processing done" that I have to uncheck every time I send
>> an encrypted mail.
>Can you describe this problem in more detail?
>Using OpenPGP or S/MIME?

Just after pressing Send on my mailer I get a pop-up saying message
successfully encrypted and a close button. I press this close button, then
minimize Outlook to continue work, and there behind is some kind of status
window which at the bottom has a checked checkbox saying "keep window open
when done processing" or some such. I found some settings in Kleopatra I think
it was that offered "keep more silent" on several tabs. I checked them all to
see if they did anything. This was while Gpg4win, ie OpenPGP.

>> Also I can't seem to get the background gpg4win programs
>> to run all English menus; I get mixed English and Swedish menus for some
>> reason. In either case I can't find any preferences page to set this.
>Are there any setting for Swedish on your machine?
>(BTW, it might be that some parts are not yet translated to Swedisch, thus a

You're misunderstanding, I don't want the Swedish menus, I want it
all-english. My system is otherwise all-english as well. It's a university
thing where eg Indian or Chinese Phd-students or postdocs wouldn't be able to
make head or tail of a Swedish Windows, so we run all-english OS and
supporting software. 8-)

>> Cleopatra seems to be running smoothly once it's been started up properly.
>> Almost all settings are Greek to me in the sub programs (I don't speak
>> Greek as it were 8-}), compared to WinPT et al with Gpg4win 1.1.4 and
>> 1.1.3.. It might be a learning curve though. The novice manual offered some
>> help but I think I need more than that, this is not critical in any way.
>Greek? Wow. So you have English, Swedish and Greek mixiup?
>Can you give an example for such a dialog?
>In what language does the command.exe's gnupg2.exe and gpg-conf.exe
>speak to you?

LOL! No, no, no, it's all greek to me in the meaning "I don't understand any
of it" - the settings in gpg4win, I don't know what they do. The menus in
GPG4win here is a mix of English and Swedish only, as mentioned before.

>> I got some errors initially because I use a S/MIME signature to digitally
>> sign all my mails. Disabling this when I send an encrypted mail, solved the
>> problem.
>But you are still able to sign with S/MIME, aren't you?

Just to make this completely clear: when I started using Outlook 2007 I
realized gpg4win 1.1.3 didn't work with this mailer. I then resorted to a free
digital signature (S/MIME type) from Comodo to use with Outlook 2007 with
which I signed all my mails while waiting for you guys to fix gpg4win. It's
this signature that does not work if I chose to encrypt mails with gpg4win.
Disabling the digital signature temporarily fixes the problem. This has been
the case ever since gpg4win 1.1.3, so it's not really a problem for me
anymore. Just thought I'd mention this small annoyance or whatever you want to
call it.

If I don't encrypt a mail with gpg4win I can sign the mails just fine the
digital signature.

>> So far so good. Have sent a few test mails to an colleague of mine outside
>> of the university to see if he also can see/unencrypt the mails properly.
>> Will be back with more feedback then.
>Wonderful, thanks again,

This morning when I started Outlook, it froze. Force-quitting it solved the
problem of course. When I started it again, it reported that the gpgol addin
caused a problem and would I like to disable it. I chose yes, and outlook
started fine afterwards. While in outlook, I enabled the addin again and
closed outlook then tried starting it again. Gpgol blew up again. It's now
disabled, and gpg4win is non-functional. This has happened frequently with
earlier versions of gpg4win, eg versions 1.1.3, 1.1.4, the 1.1.9 betas and now
the 2.0 RC1. This seems to only happen with outlook 2007.

What is it that gpg4win does that outlook 2007 can't handle?? 8-/

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