[Gpg4win-users-en] Problem caching passphrase?

Chris De Young chd at chud.net
Mon Feb 1 21:47:25 CET 2010


I just upgraded a machine to Windows 7, and in the process installed the
latest versions of Thunderbird (3.0.1), Enigmail (1.0.1), and GPG4Win

My problem is that gpg-agent (I assume) appears to want to cache my
passphrase for the default 10 minutes or so regardless of what I
configure it for.

I've tried raising the cache time through the Kleopatra interface, which
appeared to work (and the GPA interface recognized the new values, and
once I was able to locate gpg-agent.conf I saw that it also reflected
the new values), but I still get prompted for my passphrase more often
than I should.

Am I configuring the wrong thing, or is something not working as it's
supposed to?

Here's my current gpg-agent.conf, for reference:

###+++--- GPGConf ---+++###
default-cache-ttl 28800
default-cache-ttl-ssh 28800
###+++--- GPGConf ---+++### 02/01/10 10:34:33 US Mountain Standard Time
# GPGConf edited this configuration file.
# It will disable options before this marked block, but it will
# never change anything below these lines.


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