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Michele Jordan michele at michelejordan.net
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Thanks for taking an interest in helping me.

I know gpgOL is working, because if a message is signed, I get the popup for the key.  But the messages I receive are not signed, just encrypted.  Again, if it is signed I see the gpgOL stuff in the add-in ribbon, but not if it is only encrypted.

Sadly, this worked before gpgol was reworked.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!  This still doesn't work for me.


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Am Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009 15:10:01 schrieb Michele Jordan:
> On this install I see no option to decrypt messages on the add-in ribbon,
> but I can see gpgol as a trusted add-in.  Has the process to decrypt and
> verify messages in Outlook 2007 changed with version 2.0.1 (gpgol 1.0.1)?

GpgOL was complete rewritten can can do a lot more now.
(See my other posts to the list a few minutes ago.)
There should be buttons, though.

> What else can I check?

See if you did enable GpgOL in the options.
Check the readme and the manual for hints.


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