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We de-installed GpgOL and are using GPG4win to encrypt files on our hard-drives and then we drag (or insert) the encrypted file into our outlook email as an attachment.

Does this method also pose a problem?  You mentioned below that there is still a problem with sending emails via exchange.

The attachment seemed to be encrypted and the recipient successfully decrypted the attachment (we have tried this on campus and off-campus).

Can you please describe the problems that are happening with Outlook and what we should be watching for?

Thank yoU!

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Am Freitag, 15. Januar 2010 23:59:46 schrieb Tang, Jayne M:
> I just installed gpg4win.  Does the 2.0.1 version work with outlook 2007?

Yes in principle. It depends a bit on operating system you are running OL2007.

>  The documentation I found is for older versions when there were issues.

There might still be issues with Vista and Windows or 64bit.
And there is still a problem with sending emails via Exchange.


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