[Gpg4win-users-en] Presentation and a Question (bug gpg2.exe)

Juan Chulilla jl.chulilla at onlineandoffline.net
Thu Nov 25 19:07:18 CET 2010

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Emanuel, I was wondering if pinentry-win32.exe could do the same trick
as pinentry-gtk. Does it make sense or not?

Anyways, this morning I have tested once and again that hanging
gpg2-related was connected somehow with saving a draft automatically:
before autosave bug doesn't appears, after autosave it does.

Since it happens both with thunderbird and claws (both are calling GPG),
I'm not sure what is the difference between calling from an "immediate"
email and a "drafted" email.

besides, pinentry-gtk has worked seamessly since I commit the change you

Do you know if the bug is going to be solved in the next version?

Thanks for all your help


El 25/11/2010 13:34, Emanuel Schütze escribió:
> Hi Juan,
> On 2010-11-25 10:33, Juan Chulilla wrote:
>> I guess I have delimited the bug better: if you started an email and the
>> editing windows is open a good amount of time (enough for saving a draft
>> automatically), let's say 30 minutes, when you try to send the email and
>> passphrase is not cached, GPG2.exe halts the email program until you
>> terminate gpg2.exe
>> I hope this helps in order to define the bug properly
> Thanks for your report.
> It seems to be this known (critical) gpg4win issue:
> https://issues.kolab.org/issue4302 (Outlook and pinentry-qt4 hangs after 
> sending signed email (killing gpgsm or gpg2 helps))
> Can you verify this issue?
> Workaround: Use pinentry-gtk instead of pinentry-qt4. (Rename to pinentry.exe) 
> Best regards
> Emanuel
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