[Gpg4win-users-en] Strategies for communicating the necessity of GPG?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed Feb 8 09:19:07 CET 2012

Hi Juan,

Am Dienstag 17 Januar 2012 23:50:26 schrieb Juan Chulilla:
> I have been user of gpg4win since 4 years ago. I have been implanted
> it on my company, in most of the cases for signing but encrypting all
> the sensible emails.
> Most of my partners and customers don't mind at all this kind of
> security and uses open email with hesitation nor problems. Sometimes,
> when we discuss business oportunities or other sensible information by
> email, I insist that encryption is free and protect ideas and
> information. Besides, I have used my partners and customers to my
> signed emails, so if the accountability necessity arrives, my emails
> will be able to be confirmed properly.

> Anyway, have you been more succesful than I evangelizing GPG? If this
> is the case, what are your strategies?

one important factor in my observation is to have some IT people within the 
organisation that make sure that support questions are answered timely 
and the setup is all fine. A good idea then is to convince some decision 
makers that private conversations are important, you can use real world 
examples for this. In some countries it is even mandatory by law to ensure 
some security and at least in Germany the CEO would even be liable personally 
if he or she does not take good measures. 

A more technical approach is the idea of STEED 
http://g10code.com/steed.html with is compatible to OpenPGP,
but could encrease the number of potential communication partners.

Best Regards,

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