[Gpg4win-users-en] Strategies for communicating the necessity of GPG?

Juan Chulilla jl.chulilla at onlineandoffline.net
Tue Jan 17 23:50:26 CET 2012

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Hi people

I have been user of gpg4win since 4 years ago. I have been implanted
it on my company, in most of the cases for signing but encrypting all
the sensible emails.

Most of my partners and customers don't mind at all this kind of
security and uses open email with hesitation nor problems. Sometimes,
when we discuss business oportunities or other sensible information by
email, I insist that encryption is free and protect ideas and
information. Besides, I have used my partners and customers to my
signed emails, so if the accountability necessity arrives, my emails
will be able to be confirmed properly.

I have to say that I use thunderbird instead of claws. For some
reason, claws doesn't work all the times properly and, besides, I make
use of some extensions like conversations and calendar connection.
Enigmail let me use GPG in a totally transparent way, which is quite

Anyway, have you been more succesful than I evangelizing GPG? If this
is the case, what are your strategies?

Thanks in advance,


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