[Gpg4win-users-en] Initial install questions or how many red flags will we raise?

logical american website.reader3 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 21:45:31 CEST 2012

I installed gpg4win on my Windows XP machine, only to encounter some 
problems which raise red flags.

1. Upon invoking Kleopatra, the following tasks and subtasks were initiated:


and kleopatra itself:

   --> kleopatra.exe

There was a determined attempt to connect to the internet by the 
dbus-daemon.exe and gpgsm.exe tasks, so much so that they froze the 
machine, when I did NOT permit any internet communications to occur.

2. Where are they talking to?  Why?

When I logged into the forum for a general discussion on the questions 
above, Firefox browser immediately complains that the website is an 
untrusted website, and gives information that the security certificate 
is untrusted and that it cannot guarantee the authenticity of the 
website.  It makes an effort to block access to the site.

3. Why is this happening, especially when we are all concerned about 
secure information? Especially CA certificates?

I tried to kill the tasks, which were hung, but the kill attempt itself 
was frozen and those tasks were suspended.

I had to manually reboot the system, to recover.

I hope you understand that I am trying to be careful here and not allow 
my machine to talk promiscuously to the whole internet universe, but 
what else can I think, when Kleopatra wants to talk,  insists on 
talking, forces the talking and then puts the machine in a paralyzed 
state when I rebuff the efforts for it to talk???

I hope you understand now, why red flags have been raised in my mind.

Can anyone answer the questions above?


puzzled gpg4win first time installer

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