[Gpg4win-users-en] [Gpg4win-devel] ftp.gpg4win.org: remove ftp and change domain

Emanuel Schütze emanuel at intevation.de
Thu Mar 8 15:15:41 CET 2012

Dear Gpg4win community,

Am Donnerstag 19 Januar 2012 15:43:40 schrieb Emanuel Schütze:
> we (Intevation + g10Code) planning some infrastructure work for our
> download server ftp.gpg4win.org. We have to move it to another server.
> On this occasion we want to do two changes:
> 1. Remove ftp support
> Currently ftp.gpg4win.org supports http and ftp protocol:
> http://ftp.gpg4win.org
> ftp://ftp.gpg4win.org
> We want to remove ftp.
> Is there anybody who still requires the ftp protocol?
> 2. Change the domain
> If we remove ftp support (see 1.) we should change the domain
> ftp.gpg4win.org to e.g. files.gpg4win.org.
> Is there anybody who still (hard) requires old links to ftp.gpg4win.org?

(1) and (2) are done.

Now, you can use...

a) our new default download address:
http://files.gpg4win.org/ or https://files.gpg4win.org/

b) the old address to keep old links:
http://ftp.gpg4win.org/ or https://ftp.gpg4win.org/

c) a new rsync address (e.g. for mirrors):

Happy downloading!

The Gpg4win team

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