[Gpg4win-users-en] Gpg4win 2.1.1. beta 197

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at intevation.de
Thu May 23 12:03:02 CEST 2013


On Thursday 23 May 2013 11:52:08 Bob Henson wrote:
> Out of interest, and relating to this same problem, your message to
> which I am replying here works fine with Thunderbird/Enigmail - it shows
> the usual turquoise bar at the top of the screen and the "Good
> Signature" message. The message that you posted this morning about
> "Gpg4win on Windows 8" did not - the signature shows up at the bottom of
> the screen as an attachment, and if I try to open it is give me a "bad
> Signature" message. I see they were both written with Kmail, so they
> should not be any different, so perhaps it is Thunderbird/Enigmail that
> is at fault. As Enigmail intercepts the messages before Thunderbird gets
> hold of them, I can't see why that should be though - perhaps this one
> is just a fluke.
Yes this is interesing, I am using a very old and stable version of Kmail 
(enterprise 3.5 based on kmail 3.5.10) and there are no bugreports against 
this version regarding invalid signatures.

Could you open a bug report at Enigmail for this? At least it would be 
interesting to hear what they say about this.

> Anyway, I hope the information is useful. This is signed with
> Thunderbird/Enigmail this time.
Both messages, the one you sent with outlook and the one you've sent with 
enigmail show up with a valid signature here in kmail.


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