[Gpg4win-users-en] Does gpg4win get support on Windows server?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Nov 7 15:51:32 CET 2013

On Thursday 07 November 2013 at 14:24:19, David Kronlid wrote:
> I believe it's possible to pay the programmers behind gpg4win if you want
> insurance of 100% compatibility, or at least give a gift towards that
> purpose. ;-)

Yes. :)

> Den 7 nov 2013 13:57 skrev "Kevin Slack" <Kevin.Slack at talbots.com>:
> >  The Desktop versions of Windows are listed, but Server 2008 R2 64 bit,
> > etc. aren't listed.

It should work because it is very close to other windows versions
that are tested. 

> > My company is looking at using this product, but 
> > wants some official assurance that it will work on a Windows server.

Due to the nature of this being a Free Software initiative,
the software offering of course does not come with a contractual 
relationship which gives a user a right to demand a certain quality.

If you need that kind of assurance, you will have to buy it.
As with any software product.

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