[Gpg4win-users-en] Copy-paste deactivated in Gpg4win 2.2.2

PrivacyDefence webmaster at privacydefence.org
Sun Dec 7 21:02:48 CET 2014

Apparently, waiting and doing nothing actually pays off at times. Our
testing now shows that the copy-paste issue has been solved with the
latest release of Gpg4win (although not mentioned in the release notes).

So case closed, and thanks to all responders.

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On 10-11-2014 11:11, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> On Sunday 09 November 2014 at 13:35:42, PrivacyDefence wrote:
>> Also, they have already stated that this isn't an
>> Enigmail bug:
> https://admin.hostpoint.ch/pipermail/enigmail-users_enigmail.net/2014-September/002056.html
> Right now, I think this is an issue of Enigmail in so far as they are 
> recommending to install a non-default variant of Gpg4win that has the 
> usability issue you have brought up.
> (One way to solve this from the site of Gpg4win would be to not allow this 
> installation method anymore. We probably will go with a different 
> improvement, still Enigmail could do something about it as Gpg4win ships a 
> pasting enabled pinentry in their default install since quite a while 
> now. ;) )

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