[Gpg4win-users-en] FYI: Digital Security Software Bug Hunt at RightsCon

Samir Nassar samir at samirnassar.com
Tue Feb 18 16:46:43 CET 2014


Some of my work involves training others on digital security and GPG4Win is 
one of the tools I use on Windows.

This year I'll be hosting a session at RightsCon in San Francisco which I am 
calling a "Digital Security Software Bug Hunt" to connect trainers, 
technologists, and funders to highlight bugs and issues in software designed 
for protecting users in order to make the software more accessible for those 
who are new to using digital security tools.

My personal goal is to find ways to convince funders that there is important 
work to be done in, what I consider to be, bread and butter of digital 
security software and that fixing software such as contained in GPG4Win is far 
more important than investing in t

I am reaching out to you gpg4win users to help me highlight what you consider 
pressing issues in the software collection that is GPG4Win.

Highlight an issue that you think needs improvement or fixing.
What kind of usability fixes need fixing, how, and what costs are involved?
Do you need and want better translations? Are you getting them?
What are some of the time and work costs to fix a feature or improve a 
workflow in something like Kleopatra or GPGOL?
Am I wasting your time? Maybe there isn't a problem at all.

About RightsCon: https://rightscon.org/about.php

Samir Nassar
samir at samirnassar.com
Communications Consultant
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