[Gpg4win-users-en] Copy-paste deactivated in Gpg4win 2.2.2

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Mon Sep 29 09:44:14 CEST 2014


thanks for trying to improve Gpg4win, we appreciate the discussion.

On Sunday 28 September 2014 at 17:55:12, PrivacyDefence wrote:
> The user will then have
> whatever version of pinentry-qt4 is installed by default.
> It's interesting that apparently there is a fix for the lacking ability
> to copy and paste the password, thank you for mentioning that. We try
> however to make our tutorials as simple to follow as possible, so these
> tweaks would make a long tutorial even longer.

There are several points here:
a) does the current pinentry-qt4 work for you, technically?
It should, so you could try and report it. This helps us to find defects.

b) What the default is and should be.
The gpg4win installer offers some choice, because we have several applications
that have the strength in different scenarios. So it is hard to provide a one 
stop default that is good for everybody. pinentry-qt4 may even be the default 
if you install Gpg4win as default with Kleoptra. So what is the default with 
your tutorial/Enigmail?

c) Is allowing a password paste and copy a good idea?

> if your computer is already compromised, the primary accident is
> already done. Making it a bit more difficult for other programs to grab
> your copied passwords will only give you a very minimal increase in
> security.

Defence in depth is a good idea in principle. 
However I believe that user demand has shown that pinentries should have a 
copy and paste issue. At least one option that people could enable.

Now we just need the work done to do this to all pinentries. ;)

Best Regards,

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