[Gpg4win-users-en] GPG Encryption Fails When Called From Oracle Enterprise Manager

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue Aug 4 11:58:32 CEST 2015

Hi Kent,

On Tuesday 04 August 2015 at 00:33:03, Kent Hurtig wrote:
> E:\Program Files\GnuPG>gpg --list-keys --list-options show-usage -k
> 21CBF00F gpg: unknown option 'show-usage'

I assume that  'show-usage' is new with GnuPG 2.1,
Gpg4win still has the stable version of GnuPG 2.0.

You can see the same information interactively with
  gpg2  --edit-key 21CBF00F
in the usage column.

> Here is the output
> from the batch job ran on our Windows 2012 server:
> E:\Test\ECSI_Perkins_Loan_Test\Scripts>gpg2 --list-keys --batch -vv
> gpg:
> C:/Windows/system32/config/systemprofile/AppData/Roaming/gnupg/trustdb.gpg:
> trustdb created gpg: using PGP trust model

Hmm did you miss to include the list output or is there no list output?
The right "21CBF00F" needs to be listed here,
before you an use it for encryption.

> Here is the output from the batch job ran on our Windows 2003 server:
> E:\sftproot\perkins_loan>gpg2 --list-keys --batch -vv
> gpg: using PGP trust model
> gpg: key 8E811817: accepted as trusted key
> C:/Documents and Settings/Default User/Application Data/gnupg/pubring.gpg

> pub   1024R/21CBF00F 2002-12-05

As you can see, this time a correctly filled pubring.gpg could be found
and the cert listed.

> The key on the Windows 2012 server displays all zeros:
> E:\Program Files\GnuPG>gpg --fingerprint
> Gpg: Note: signatures using the MD5 algorithm are rejected
> C:/Users/fr_ecsi/AppData/Roaming/gnupg/pubring.gpg
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> pub     2048R/8E811817 2014-10-23
>              Key fingerprint = 8F17 789F 703E CF06 1F74 A98D 1F2E EF48 8E81
> 1817 uid               [ultimate] Kent Hurtig <1st Certificate>
> <kent_hurtig at friends.edu>
> pub     1024R/21CBF00F 2002-12-05
>              Key fingerprint = 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
> 00 uid               [ultimate] Educational Computer Systems Inc
> <admin at ecsi.net>
> How can I get the key to display the correct fingerprint?

  gpg2  --allow-weak-digest-algos --fingerprint


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