[Gpg4win-users-en] Problems with Gpg4Win Verification Operations (and a couple of apparent bugs)

Juan Miguel Navarro Martínez juanmi.3000 at gmail.com
Sun May 24 17:45:41 CEST 2015

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Daniel Kahn Gillmor:
> b) kleopatra can't generate or verify sha256 digests:
>> L:
>>> Additionally, Gpg4Win proved unable to generate or verify 
>>> sha256sum hashes (technically a textfile output anyway),
>>> repeatedly producing an error citing an inability to name the
>>> output file; I ultimately turned to another application for
>>> Unicode verification.
>> Kleopatra's sha256 checksum is either bugged or very strict. I
>> could conclude that you can't create checksum files from a file
>> or files which exceeds in total around 2.3 GiB of size and
>> bigger. And you can't verify checksums from a file which is not
>> named sha256sum.txt and the contents of the files aren't like:
> to be honest, i can only get kleopatra to produce sha1 checksums,
> and when i try to get kleopatra to verify a sha1 checksum, it's
> very clear to me as a user what is happening, or what was actually 
> verified.

You can select between md5sum, sha1sum or sha256sum in Settings >
Configure Kleopatra > Crypto Operations > File Operations.

## Creating a checksum file issue ##
If I try to make a sha256sum file of Linuxmint 17.1 ISO file[1] or
from multiple files of 2.01 GiB in total size [2], I can both create
the file and both verify correctly. [4][5]

It is when I use a big file, in this example FreeBSD 10.1 64-bit ISO
(2,40 GiB) [6] or if I add another file in the bulk operation one
(added Tails ISO in this case)[7] when I get this exact error everytime:

"Failed to move file C:/Users/Juanmi/Documents/ISOs/sha256sum.txt to
its final destination, sha256sum.txt: Error during rename."

## Verifying issue ##
As you saw before [1][4], the verification works but if you change the
checksums file name to something different you get this error:

"Cannot find checksums file for file

It gives a different one if you rename it to md5sum.txt or
sha1sum.txt, as if it's expecting md5 and sha1 checksums instead of
analyzing its contents and determine what kind of checksum is it:

"Error while running C:/Program Files (x86)/GNU/GnuPG/sha1sum.exe:
sha1sum: error parsing `C:/Users/Juanmi/Documents/ISOs/sha1sum.txt':
invalid line"

[1]: https://img.bi/#/pYpuENn!aFlNIA-oEisQAiudUQBqn7YAWfQzoQ_XDRUA-LnT
[2]: https://img.bi/#/927gE9N!Y4qEJgp7oMVgA06nRQQHTZdwUN72ngrcFkTwrnQM
[3]: https://img.bi/#/p4Ft9ed!xdSDbQAn5qNAkk5CRgeWJ1kAaJ2UfAq5v47wQ4nQ
[4]: https://img.bi/#/Dnz4awQ!nuwlFQ7xzrHQq_B83wiIeoRQMjwwfwlAD4fQa8vH
[5]: https://img.bi/#/qB3pPOF!W2T9MwZgXR0Ai3plGAc5h9rQe6nAZQl_JuogwuWS
[6]: https://img.bi/#/z0BRTFA!dm5acAqZffVgrAffNgqiBzrAM07AYQiglgNAUqzY
[7]: https://img.bi/#/de8nTc2!6e7QQQPevjuga8u-WQutjOZQNmUi7gnLOrBQwonp

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