[Gpg4win-users-en] How to do symmetric encryption in GPG4win through the GUI?

Frank Siebenlist frank.siebenlist at 23andme.com
Tue Aug 16 01:34:11 CEST 2016

We’re trying to exchange encrypted files between Macs and PCs, using MacGPG/GPGTools and Gpg4Win.

Encryption is through symmetric encryption with a passphrase.
(please refrain from telling me to use public key encryption ;-) )

On the Mac we have the option to symmetrically encrypt/decrypt through the GUI,
but on the PC, reading the docs, I cannot find that option in the GUI of Gpg4Win.
(unfortunately, I have only access to a Mac but have to support PC users remotely…)

The following thread from 2012:
seems to hint that you can only do that through the command line and not through the file-explorer integration.

Is that still the case?

Thanks, Frank.

"Security at the expense of usability comes at the expense of security.” — Avi Douglen

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