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Jochen Saalfeld jochen at intevation.de
Thu Aug 24 13:18:57 CEST 2017


As a major step for Gpg4win, a long development cycle will
lead to a new stable release 3.0 within the next weeks.

You can help us by giving one of our pre-release versions a run
to find any remaining problems that may occur with your special
setting or use case.

If you test a release candidate, please send your test feedback to the
gpg4win developer mailing list (gpg4win-devel at wald.intevation.org)
or report an issue via https://dev.gnupg.org/.

The roadmap expects a final version of Gpg4win at the end of August or early
September, depending on the defects this public test finds.
Thank you very much for your help and support!

You can download the latest Release Candidate at

The most important changes in an overview:

* Support of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) by integration
  of the upcoming GnuPG 2.2 release candidate.

  There are a lot more general improvements coming with GnuPG 2.2,
  for a long technical list, see

* Preparing for better overall crypto user experience: Fetching pubkeys
  by default.

  Most users want some basic level of confidentiality for their email
  and file exchanges without having to deal with crypto details
  like distributing and checking pubkeys and their signatures.
  An update to Gpg4win 3.0 will provide an implementation of a
  concept called `web key directory/service`. Version 3.0 
  already contains some changes preparing for the concept:
  It will by default try to fetch missing pubkeys and find them for a
  given email address. This behavior can be switched off, of course.
  For details see

  - https://wiki.gnupg.org/WKD
  - `--auto-key-retrieve` and `--auto-key-locate` in the GnuPG documentation.

* Major Outlook-Support improvement for attachments and encodings

  The included Outlook Plugin (GpgOL) has been completely overhauled.

  - Complete support for OpenPGP/MIME in MS Outlook
    2007/2010/2013/2016 (32 and 64bit). This allows to send
    and receive text in other languages and attachments in a proper

  - New user interface to display the state of encryption directly
    in the mail window.

  - Support for sending and receiving HTML Emails.

* Kleopatra (Crypto-Manager)

  - The file-encryption dialogues have been redesigned to
    reduce the clicks and enhance the user experience.

  - Kleopatra recognizes automatically the kind of a crypto-file
    and executes the according action on a double-click (e.g.
    decrypting an encrypted file).

  - New smart-card management view.

  - New first start dialogue (when key management is empty).

  - Detail-view on key-details has been improved.

  - Support for automatic import of missing pubkeys has been
    implemented (WKD).

  - Many UI- and stability improvements and additional translations.

* And more:

  - Added and enabled by default: a check over the internet
    for available updates, which will notify the user.

  - A more straight forward installation process.

  - Installation as normal user (without administration priviledges)
    now possible.

  - Gpg4win compendium (German version) has been completely overhauled.
    We are looking for people to help us translating the changes back
    into English and other languages. However this probably cannot not 
    for Gpg4win 3.0 as we want to improve some necessary infrastructure
    for translations first, to make your life much easier.

  - Included software libraries have been updated.

  - The software components in Gpg4win are:
    GnuPG:          2.1.23
    Kleopatra:      2.3.0
    GPA:            0.9.10
    GpgOL:          1.4.0
    GpgEX:          1.0.4
    Kompendium DE:  4.0.0
    Kompendium EN:  3.0.0

Best wishes

     The Gpg4win Developer-Team
jochen at intevation.de | intevation.de/ | 0541335083214 | PGPkey: 0x64B67DF4
Intevation GmbH, Neuer Graben 17, 49074 Osnabrueck - AG Osnabrueck, HR B 18998
Geschaeftsfuehrer: Frank Koormann, Bernhard Reiter, Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner
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