[Gpg4win-users-en] Kleopatra and redirected folders

Paul Stuffins gpg4win at ravex.co.uk
Tue Dec 12 14:04:28 CET 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am running Gpg4win on a Windows 10 machine with Outlook 2016 that is
attached to a Windows Domain and all domain users have redirected folders
set up to allow for ease of backups.

Whenever I try and send a signed or encrypted email Outlook on my hangs for
anywhere between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes, before showing me the
email again, and not sending it at all.

There are no error messages that show up anywhere, or at least none that I
can find.

I have tried to send an email from a local account, that does not have
redirected folders, and Outlook/Kleopatra works fine and sends the email as

Does Kleopatra, or any other part of Gpg4win, not like using redirected
folders, or is there something I am doing wrong when trying to use
redirected folders?

Many Thanks for your help
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