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Still learning.  Done what I believe is okay due diligence with reading
various websites and skimming through GPG4Win mailing list archives (January
2015) and I believe I am somewhat functional, at least to the level I need.
I currently use and have installed GPG4Win 3.02 on a Win 10 laptop and keep
the master private key offline (thanks to ver 3, I no longer have to do the
convoluted process of removing the master private key and the equally
confusing (to me) restoral to certify pubic keys).  Based on my still
evolving understanding, it appears the best way to backup keys and config
files is to copy the entire C:\Users\User_Profile\AppData\Roaming\gnupg to
multiple safe locations.


I also use (mkportable.exe) a portable installation on a flash drive with
important app executables and data files that can make me functional until I
can get to off-site archives for system restoral, should my laptop get
stolen or dies.  I have found that by copying the location of ~\gnupg
(laptop is already configured to use a signing subkey) to the ~\home
subdirectory of the portable installation and creating shortcuts (yeah,
sorry, I'm dependent on Windows . I know, I know .) to Kleopatra, I can
duplicate my experience with GPG4Win as if it was fully installed on the
laptop: flash drive contents and portable installation of GPG4Win is
fail-safe.  Now that my wife is getting her own laptop and I will be
migrating her away from the obsolete PGP 10 Desktop she had been
occasionally using, I would like to set her new laptop up similarly to mine,
setting her key as default, etc., of course.


My two questions (sorry for the length):

1.	Am I missing any steps / files or compromising GPG4Win functionality
by copying the entire laptop-installed ~\gnupg files to the (created with
mkportable.exe) flash-drive ~\home?
2.	Any security issues with my copying my setup (config,
keyrings/keyboxes) - tweaking, of course, so that only her private key is
available on hers - by copying _my_ ~\gnupg files to my _wife's_ laptop
installation of GPG4Win 3.02?


I have read various practices of how other users backup their trustdb,
keyboxes/keyrings, gpg.conf but not really anyone using the ~\gnupg folder,
in toto, in the manner I outlined / proposed above.  I'd appreciate any
feedback from those with more know-how, which is probably all of you.  LOL!





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