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Thu Nov 22 02:08:10 CET 2018

Hi everyone,


I’m trying to get a family-friend setup with GpgOL. He’s not very technical, and as of current the only part he’s struggling with is searching and importing public keys (at this point, via Kleopatra!). 


I understand that GpgOL will make use of WKD / WKS to find keys, but is there any way of automatically discovering and retrieving keys from a key-server in the same way? WKD / WKS requires that the recipient owns, controls and has setup WKD / WKS on their domain – something that can’t be done for most people, who use popular free e-mail clients such as Gmail and Outlook.com.


If anyone knows how I could set something like this up (or even just an easier way to help him understand), I’d truly appreciate it!


Thank you in advance!


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