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Hi Pawel,

Am Freitag 17 Januar 2020 23:28:17 schrieb pawel.pietrzynski at omnusec.pl:
> It is nice to meet you all

nice to meet you, too. :)

> I write you because I have some problem with key which is stored in public
> server.
> Lately I generate new key. I would like to remove the old one from the
> server. Do you know what I need to do to remove this key?

If this is a public server, it will be your public key (for which you also 
have control of the corresponding private key).

So your pubkey made it to a public keyserver, e.g.

There is no good way to get if off the public keyserver network.
This is why all public key should have an expiration date.

What you could do is to public a revocation statement signed with the 
corresponding private key. Do this if your are really sure that your key 
should not be used anymore.

Look on your harddrive for a `openpgp-revocs.d` subdirectory of gnupg,
it should have the revocation certificate of (both) of your keys.
Open the right on in a text editor and follow the instructions.

Other instructions (for elder GnuPG versions)

== Add an expiration date
You could also try to add an expiration date to your old key
to the next 2 days or so and upload it. Then other would know
that the pub key is not to be used anymore.

Best Regards,

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