[Gpg4win-users-en] Gpg4in v2 to v3 Migration Issue with Decryption Behavior

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Mon May 25 02:03:59 CEST 2020

Guys, I've got a use-case where for years I'd encrypt my password file
on my "secure" computer with Gpg4win v2 and an OpenPGP smartcard, then
I'd decrypt as needed on other "unsecure" (but they were still
relatively secure) computers by only needing the "pubring.gpg" and the
smartcard to do the decryption and access my password file.   I still
have the requirement to do this but I'm trying out Gpg4win v3 and I'm
getting the error "secret key not found" when I transfer the
"pubring.pbx" only like I used to do, even though the smartcard with
the secret key is connected.  So, basically v3 behaves differently
where it wants the "pubring.pbx", the "trustdb.gpg", and most
unfortunately it wants the private keys folder from the "secure"
computer to be on the "unsecure" computer just to do the same decrypt
actions I was doing back on v2.  Anybody else encountered this or know
a workkaround with v3 to tell it to look at the smartcard, and to not
require the private keys to be stored on the computer?
Thank you all
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