[Gpg4win-users-en] Forum Transfer Completed

Christoph Klassen christoph.klassen at intevation.de
Fri Aug 4 12:41:27 CEST 2023


We're glad to tell you that we successfully completed the forum 
transfer. The new Gpg4win forum is located at https://forum.gnupg.org/.

As we did explain in the last announcement 
we did not transfer all accounts. If your account is one of those that 
were not moved to the new forum, but you still want to use your old 
account, please write us an email to gpg4win-support at wald.intevation.org 
from the e-mail address of your account in the next three months, and we 
will transfer it manually. After that period, we cannot guarantee that 
this will be possible.

To check if your account was transferred to the new forum, search for 
your username at https://forum.gnupg.org/u. If it is on the list, open 
the login page and set your new password with "I forgot my password". 
After the password reset, you can start using your account.

Let us know your thoughts about the new forum here: 

See you there,
your Gpg4win Support Team

Christoph Klassen | https://intevation.de
Intevation GmbH, Osnabrück, DE; Amtsgericht Osnabrück, HRB 18998
Geschäftsführer: Frank Koormann, Bernhard Reiter
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