[Inteproxy-devel] Session und Cookies

Sascha Bahl sbahl.ml at gismobil.de
Tue Jan 29 10:28:56 CET 2008

Hello Jan

 > I like the idea.

 > Are you using some standard server components that
 > do manage the calls?

I´m developer of our own OGC conform WMS. I use the apache webserver 
with php to handle and forwarding wms-request. In this case the 
session-id from php is append and forward to my wms. So, i can 
identifier a series of calls and manage the user based license.

 > Before adding this patch,  I think it might be
 > good to make the feature configurable (on/off at least)
 > and document it in the manual. The documentation
 > should also cover how a server should/might behave and
 > whether there are standard products out there that might
 > work out of the box.

 > At least for the latter I need you assistance. Of course it
 > would be of great help if you feel like prepare the config and
 > doc stuff ;-)

.. is in the process



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