[Inteproxy-devel] Apache 2.0 configuration InteProxy 1.0.3

Bjoern Schilberg bjoern.schilberg at intevation.de
Thu Nov 4 11:45:27 CET 2010

Hallo Andy,

On Thursday 04 November 2010 10:54:35 Phantom1015 at gmx.de wrote:
> Hi all,
> I try to configure my Apache (2.0.44) with InteProxy (1.0.3).
> Unfortunately, it does not work.

One  reason could be that InteProxy Server 1.0.3 needs a least Apache 2.2.7 if 
you need support for URL rewriting (see Documentation on page 19).  If you 
need support for ProxyRemote  you need apache 2.2.15 (see Documentation on 
page 17).

> At first I did following:
> copy InteProxy-1.0.3 folder to C:\Programme\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\
> modify the httpd.conf like:
>  Listen 64609
>  Include conf/InteProxy-1.0.3/server/conf/inteproxy-WindowsServer2003.conf
> Then I have tried to start apache. But apache could not start because
> appropriate modules were not available in C:\Programme\Apache
> Group\Apache2\modules\. I have downloaded the modules from internet and add
> (copied) this to the folder C:\Programme\Apache Group\Apache2\modules.

The best way to do is to download a apache version which already include all 
required modules.  

> Now, if I want to start apache, he tell me:
> Cannot load <modules> into server: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht
> gefunden.
> But the path is correct and contain the module file!

Maybe you cannot combine certain modules with different apache versions. 

> What is missing? Can you help me, please?

My advise is to use a recent apache version, for example the latest apache 
version 2.2.16 and try again.

Good Luck.

> Greetings
> Andy
> p.s. I`ve tried it with ms4w it works great.

Good to hear. The reason for this is that ms4w includes a recent apache 
version (apache 2.2.15).


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