[Gpg4win-devel] New 3.0 beta release

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at intevation.de
Wed Nov 16 10:11:36 CET 2016


There is a new 3.0-beta available, see:


The focus this time was on GpgOL, especially the reading part.

We still have some things to fix in GpgOL before a release but since we've 
completly reworked the reading part of GpgOL this is probably to be expected 
:-) (See known issues)

We are especially looking for feedback about Mails that are not properly 
handled by GpgOL and the new Interface regarding signature status.

And of course the usual bug / crash reports.


From the NEWS of GpgOL:

 * Decryption / verification is done in a second thread so outlook
 stays responsive while decrypting.

 * Opening a mail in a reader window no longer causes Outlook to
 resync the mail.

 * Inline editors (Reply and Forward in the messagelist) are now

 * The HTML preferences from Outlook are now respected when viewing
 an encrypted multipart/alternative mail.

 * Two crashes that sometimes occured when sending mail have been

 * The "Do you want to save the changes" Messageboxes from outlook
 no longer show up.

 * Signature details are now shown in the Mail ribbon when reading

 * Signature and encryption status is now shown in Outlook through
 categorisation. No more popups when reading encrypted mails.

 * There is now an Option to use inline-pgp when encrypting mails
 without attachments.

 * When opening a mail in a reader window closing it no longer causes
 the mail in the Messagelist not to be displayed anymore.

 * Decryption no longer requires an UI-Server (GPA or Kleopatra).

 * Various bugfixes.

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