[Gpg4win-users-en] New user, some comments and quesitons/issues

Jeffrey Kaplan gordol at gordol.org
Thu Dec 7 19:50:04 CET 2006

I'd love to check the docs for this, but I don't understand German.
I just installed gpg4win last night.  I have used PGP off and on in the
past, and I have a pre-existing set of keys from PGP.  My system is
WinXP Pro SP2.  In case it matters, IE7 is installed, but Firefox is my
primary web browser.
1: gpg4win should be able to import PGP generated keys at install or
first use.  I tried, it wouldn't let me.  I had to generate a new key
just to be able to use the key manager.  Only after doing that was I
able to import and use my PGP keyring.  I was then able to delete the
newly generated key.
2: When running gpg4win, it complained that it was unable to set the
keyboard shortcut because it was already in use.  It did not tell me
what shortcut it was talking about.  I was eventually able to figure
out what app was causing the conflict and resolve the problem, but it
would have helped if gpg4win told me which shortcut keys were at issue.
Please note the plurality - gpg4win was only complaining about a single
shortcut key conflict when there were in fact several.
3: gpg4win is conflicting with Clever Keyboard Indicator - when gpg4win
is running, none of the alert sounds nor OSD will happen from CKI
whenever I do something that it's installed to alert me about (toggle
keys, etc).  It's also interfering with the OSD from my keyboard
driver, MS IntelliType Pro.
4: I have multiple keys generated at different times.  If I want to
keep all of my old keys, how can I set gpg4win to default to selecting
a specific key for encryption and signing?  I've used the context menu
command "set as default key" but nothing has changed in use.  The key
in question was generated by PGP, not GPG.

Tangentially related to that last, if I don't remember the passphrases
for the old keys, how can I revoke them?

5: When entering my passphrase, if I have the "hide typing" set, it
always complains that the passphrase is wrong.  If I uncheck it, there
is no problem.  I am not making any typos in either case, if I were
then I'd be making the same ones regardless of hiding/showing the text
as I enter it.  It's 19 characters long, multiple words with

6: With GPGee, I was expecting to see options to check the md5/sha1/crc
checksums and wiping for the selected file but there are no such
options.  Is there a possibility for these to be added?

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