[Gpg4win-users-en] New user, some comments and quesitons/issues

Jeffrey Kaplan gordol at gordol.org
Mon Dec 11 16:33:31 CET 2006

Hello, Bernhard Reiter.

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 15:26:40 +0100 you said:

> Some hints about reporting problems or wishes are at:
> http://www.gpg4win.de/reporting-bugs.html

Ok, noted.
> > 1: gpg4win should be able to import PGP generated keys at install or
> > first use.  I tried, it wouldn't let me.  I had to generate a new key
> > just to be able to use the key manager.  Only after doing that was I
> > able to import and use my PGP keyring.  I was then able to delete the
> > newly generated key.
> I agree that it should be easier to import other keys.
> Where you using GPA?


> This sounds like a problem to me. Can you say which application
> gave you the warning? WinPT?

I'm guessing it was WinPT, as that's the specific app from gpg4win that
I was launching.

> My wild guess is that it is hard to know all keyboard bindings
> in advance as they will change with each language. 
> I cannot say if the application does get the information from the operating
> system where the conflict lies.

I can fully understand if it cannot tell me which program has the
bindings, but it should be able to tell me which binding it's talking
about, not merely "another program has the binding", and also not abort
after the first one so it can tell me if there is a problem with one of
the other bindings.   WinPT has eight hotkey bindings, and there were
conflicts with four of them.  It only told me "there is a problem" one
at a time.

> > 3: gpg4win is conflicting with Clever Keyboard Indicator - when gpg4win
> > is running, none of the alert sounds nor OSD will happen from CKI
> > whenever I do something that it's installed to alert me about (toggle
> > keys, etc).  It's also interfering with the OSD from my keyboard
> > driver, MS IntelliType Pro.
> Again, is this WinPT?

Probably.  This problem persists a long as the WinPT icon is in the
systray.  Close WinPT and the problem goes away.

> I cannot say if this is the fault of WinPT or the Clever product.

Last line of that paragraph:  It's also conflicting with the OSD from

> You should file a report for this, if you have time.
> > 4: I have multiple keys generated at different times.  If I want to
> > keep all of my old keys, how can I set gpg4win to default to selecting
> > a specific key for encryption and signing?  I've used the context menu
> > command "set as default key" but nothing has changed in use.  The key
> > in question was generated by PGP, not GPG.
> WinPT?

If that's the key manager.
> > Tangentially related to that last, if I don't remember the passphrases
> > for the old keys, how can I revoke them?
> Revocation requires a revocation certificate.
> If do have not created a revocation statement earlier, 
> you cannot revoke a key.

Then I guess I can't.  Oh well.  No one's used those keys in many
years, anyway.
> > 5: When entering my passphrase, if I have the "hide typing" set, it
> > always complains that the passphrase is wrong.  If I uncheck it, there
> > is no problem.  I am not making any typos in either case, if I were
> > then I'd be making the same ones regardless of hiding/showing the text
> > as I enter it.  It's 19 characters long, multiple words with
> > punctuation.
> If this is WinPT, filling a report how to reproduce this problem
> will help Timo to resolve this.

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