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Sending this to the gpg4win list also, per a few suggestions

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Subject: 	Consolidation, Differences, Overlap in Features, ETC......
Date: 	Sat, 04 Feb 2006 21:22:46 -0600
From: 	Alan Jones <alan at ajsquared.us>
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[Several Questions and thought all rolled in to one e-mail so please 
bear with me. Not directly related to WinPT but figured this was the 
best place to start]

I have long been following WinPT http://www.winpt.org .  I have always 
liked the interface, features etc.  The only thing I felt was missing 
was in installer for people that were not comfortable with zipping and 
extracting files.

At the same time with work I have had to use Outlook (& Exchange) so I 
have had an interest in the development of GPGol 
http://www.g10code.de/p-gpgol.html but have not actually tried GPGol yet 
as there was not a good installer and it seemed like it was still under 
heavy development.

I see there is a new installer coming out called gpg4win 
http://www.gpg4win.org/ that is in development that has the above 
packages and others.  I am not clear what the current status of it is... 
Is it stable, usable, creating appropriate icons and system entries?

I don't know much about the gpg4win project, but I hope the installer 
gives a good brief description of each program  and allows the user to 
chose if they want to install all or a subset of the programs.

There seems to be a fair amount of overlap in features between all the 
programs part of the gpg4win project.  Can anyone delve into the details 
of what and why certain programs made it into the project and 

The old installer that some used had GPGRelay, but I did not see that 
included. Why is that?

What I would love to see is the universal installer that sounds like it 
is in development with a universal Keymanager etc.  Several of these 
GnuPG shells have their own Keymanager when it seems like it would be 
benifical to the user and devlopers if the same Key Manager (and other 
common areas) use the same code.  So that WinPT, GPGol, GPA, GPGee, etc 
all used the same common code and interface.

I know it may be out of the scope for some but it might be nice if the 
gpg4win installer also came with Enigmail http://enigmail.mozdev.org/ 
the Thunderbird GNUpg interface.

Sorry for the long e-mail, just wanted to get all my questions in one 
place instead of several small e-mails. 

What do others think of the consolidated Key Manager ideas?

I will be interested to hear about some of the other thoughts and 
questions above.



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