[Gpg4win-users-en] Tried Gpg4win 0.6.0

Alan Jones alan at ajsquared.us
Sun Feb 12 18:32:17 CET 2006

Ok I tried Gpg4win 0.6.0 and walked away confused on the current state.

I tried the installer on a English Windows XP SP2.  fully patched system.

I went though the install program and selected to only install GnuPG,
WinPG, GPGee, and GPGol.

The installer said it was working and did it's thing....

The last screen asked if I wanted to view the README file.  I made sure
yes was selected (the default).  However the Readme did not popup.

I was not to worried at this point.  I then proceeded to look to for any
installed icons/links on my desktop or start menu.  I was confused as I
would have though the installation process would have asked me about
putting things in the Start Menu, on the Desktop, or in the Sartup Group
so things would run at login.  I did not find any additional icons anywhere.

I then went and looked in the C:\Program Files\GNU directory where the
default installation files were stored.  I found various source files,
but not binary files and thus was even more confused.  The installer
should be offering us binary files not just source files. 

While digging around I found the uninstall program.  I decided to run
that.  Unfortunatly the uninstall did not remove the
gpg4win-0.6.0.tar.bz2 file in c:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG\Source\ nore
the empty Source or gempty GnuPG directories.

I am excited about the possibility of a unified installer. Still
confused about the redundancy of some programs as mentioned in a
previous message, but I am excited.

Am I missing something? 

I am willing to test other options etc....

I would love to see a future version include the Thunderbird plugin and
the Outlook Express plugin that have been running around.

Hopefully the issues I found are small and we can get strong program for
everyone in the near future.



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