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> Hello!
> I think GPG is great have been using the freeware PGP for years,
> mainly for encrypting sensitive files locally.
> What are the main difference between GPG & PGP I see most features in
> both Except whole disk encryption.

Paid PGP gives you a number of extras, none of which really matter
(interacts with Eudora and other major email clients) if you are using
gpg. I use both only because I find the hot keys for PGP easier than
for gpg. But for sending emails (encrypted and/or signed) I use only
gpg. But for desktop work I use pgp. 

For the free versions there is little difference. PGP shredding is a it
easier perhaps. You cannot add graphics to your pgp managed key but can
to the gpg. I find pgp key editing a bit easier than gpg but not so
much that most would notice or care. PGP also allows you use of the
patented IDEA algorithim. Personally, i would suggest that if you are
happy using the gpg software then you have no reason or need to change.


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