[Gpg4win-users-en] Thunderbird in gpg4win?

gpg4win at gmail.com gpg4win at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 21:13:09 CEST 2007


I uploaded a torrent of the main package. It's just the .exe file
without anything added.
Do you want a torrent of the light version also? Or should I continue to
make releases of the main package only?
If the maintainers of the gpg4win package email me when a new release is
ready, I'll make the torrent quickly and start seeding.

I have realized that making a torrent with thunderbird, enigmail, and
all translations would be too much work. There are over 15 translations,
and it would take too much of my time to monitor all changes in all
languages, and make torrents when updates are made.
But, I could possibly make thunderbird+enigmail+gpg4win torrents for
just a few languages... If there is any interest.

But I really think a better solution would be if you added links on the
web site to the Thunderbird and enigmail websites. I believe that would
help many users searching for multi-OS quality open source solutions.
Claws is of poor quality lacking functionality and Outlook is great but
closed source, so Thunderbird is in my opinion the best software today
for the average gpg user. Of course that's my personal opinion, but I
guess that many would agree.

Bernhard Reiter skrev:
> On Thursday 09 August 2007 17:42, gpg4win at gmail.com wrote:
>> Where is the "developing platform"? 
> Follow the link "Project Site" in the Section "Getting involved."
>> Where should I post a .torrent 
>> file?<br> 
> Check the tracker section, either "Patches" or "Feature Requests"
> would be appropriate I think.
>> If I make some torrents and seed them, is it fine with you if I 
>> make a complete one, including Thunderbird and Enigmail? (And possible
>> other software of your choice or on the wish list.)<br>
> I cannot say without considering the consequences more deeply.
> My first notion is to have a Gpg4win only torrent to keep 
> the currently clear seperation. So all user will get the same
> when getting the Gpg4win package.
>> Should I add your signature to the torrents, or should I create my own
>> and add it? Or should the signature files only be posted on the web
>> page to ensure that no one creates a fake torrent?<br>
> Do you mean to sign the torrent itself?
> Is this necessary if we already have the signatures for the files
> that users can verify that could be included in the torrrents?
>> The torrent file sharing system has it own built in system to verify
>> integrity, but users of pgp/gpg might trust a gpg signature more. So
>> signatures are good to have.<br>
> Yes, the trust-chain is the biggest problems.
>> <br>
>> Actually, with a torrent download it&apss possible to choose which files
>> to download, so there is really only a need to create on big one. But
>> some users might find it annoying to select/deselect what to download.<br>
> See above.
> Bernhard
> ps: Personally I do prefer text/plain only email, because HTML can contain
> a lot more bad stuff.

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