[Gpg4win-users-en] GPG4Win 1.9.[89], Outlook 200[37], Vista - not quite working

Subba Rao castellan2004-gpg at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 7 13:53:01 CET 2008

Thank you for replying.  I did what you suggested.  I have installed gpg4win 1.1.3 and the Privacy Tray works fine and I can list my keys fine.  I can also encrypt files using GPGee in the Explorer.

Enigmail is the problem area.  I have installed it again this morning and when I go to Key Managment I get this following error message:

gpg: Oops; key lost!
node 002BAC00 01/00 type=public-key  keyid=XXXXXXXX a=17 u=13 ..v.
node 002BAB20 00/00 type=user-id

I get the above message even when I try to manually import the keys into Enigmail's Key Management.

The command line option that enigmail is using (from the log file is):
C:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG\gpg.exe --charset utf8  --batch --no-tty --status-fd 2 --with-fingerprint --fixed-list-mode --with-colons --list-secret-keys

When I click on the Windows Privacy Tray, the keys are listed fine though.

I am using Vista Ultimate with Thunderbird 2.0


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Subba Rao wrote:
> I am having an issue with Enigmail on Vista not reading the keys for
> GPG4WIN 1.1.3.  The privacy tray will list my keys and refresh them
> without any issue.  However, when I try to import these keys into
> Enigmail, I am getting an error.  I thought Enigmail uses the keys in
> GPG4WIN key chain.  Am I wrong about this?
> Does anyone have Enigmail/Thunderbird working on Vista?

I have Enigmail and Thunderbird working fine on Vista.

You don't need to import the keys from Gpg4win into Enigmail. Both
Enigmail and Gpg4win use the same tool to store and retrieve keys (as
well as to do encryption and decryption), which is GnuPG itself.

It seems like your Enigmail doesn't know where to find Gpg4win's
installation of GnuPG.

In Thunderbird, if you choose OpenPGP|Preferences the 'OpenPGP
Preferences' dialog should appear with the Basic tab selected. Inside
the 'Files and Directories' box you should see some text which reads
something similar to "GnuPG was found in C:\Program
Files\GNU\GnuPG\gpg.exe". The location listed should be where
gpg.exe program (installed by Gpg4win) was installed. If the location is
incorrect or if it's not there at all then enter the correct location in
the 'Override with' text box. Enigmail should then work successfully
with GnuPG and should find all the necessary keys.

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