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Илья Докшукин inmail at list.ru
Fri Jun 6 16:50:49 CEST 2008


I've got a problem using gpg4win with LDAP server.

I've tried:
Gpg4win 1.1.3
Gpg4win 1.9.1-BETA
Gpg4win 1.9.2-BETA
Tested on MS Windows 2003 Server

I can get correct answers from LDAP server using gpg in command line like:
pgp --keyserver ldap://MYSERVER --search-keys STRING

But I can't get answer from any windows gui program
It wonderful works with hkp protocol but with LDAP were found next bugs:

a) Can't make a LDAP server to be default at keyservers menu.
It says: "The only HKP server can be used"

b) When I use LDAP server "Search" button comes grey. Only "Recive" button works.
The only way to get key is type in hex 0xKEYID and press "receive" button.

2. PGA
Same problem. I can receive only keys by ID and only from hkp server.
Is search possible in this program?

3. Kleopatra (in BETA versions).
All startup test are ok, windows PATH environment includes path to dirmngr.exe but...
On search I've got:
"Failed to search on keyserver. The error returned was: No dirmngr"
And no search result.
By the way it returned the same error when I select hkp server but shows
only one string found even if there're more results.

Sure I understand it is BETA, but it's the only way to search in LDAP
server and I can't make it work.

My gpg.conf:
auto-key-locate keyserver
keyserver ldap://MYSERVER

My dirmngr's dirmngr_ldapservers.conf

dirmngr.conf is empty

Is it possible to get search in LDAP server any way?

Thank you for any help
ILYA Dokshukin

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