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Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Mon Jun 9 09:40:31 CEST 2008

On Freitag, 6. Juni 2008, Илья Докшукин wrote:
> 3. Kleopatra (in BETA versions).
> All startup test are ok, windows PATH environment includes path to dirmngr.exe but...
> On search I've got:
> "Failed to search on keyserver. The error returned was: No dirmngr"
> And no search result.
> By the way it returned the same error when I select hkp server but shows
> only one string found even if there're more results.
> Sure I understand it is BETA, but it's the only way to search in LDAP
> server and I can't make it work.
> My gpg.conf:
> ----------------------------------------------------
> utf8-strings
> auto-key-locate keyserver
> keyserver ldap://MYSERVER
> ----------------------------------------------------
> My dirmngr's dirmngr_ldapservers.conf
> ----------------------------------------------------
> MYSERVER:389:::
> ----------------------------------------------------
> dirmngr.conf is empty
> Is it possible to get search in LDAP server any way?

For Kleopatra (Gpg4win 1.9.x) we detected the problem that
only globally configured LDAP servers are searched
(it is on the TODO list for 1.9.3).

It is mentioned in the README-BETA already
( http://wald.intevation.org/plugins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php/trunk/doc/README-BETA-en.txt?root=gpg4win&view=markup)

Simply move the LDAP Server config to "ldapservers.conf" in C:\Programme\GNU\gnupg\etc\dirmngr
(german path, from my memory - guess you will find the right one)
and restart dirmngr service.



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