[Gpg4win-users-en] gpg4win, pgp-interaction and DSA2 support

Mattias Johansson mattias.jn at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 22:32:20 CEST 2009

I'm new to gpg4win and was inspired to start using this software due
to the firegpg-addon for firefox.

I've used pgp before occasionally, since we've had it at work, thus my

Key-related questions:
My previous pgp-keys doesn't work with gpg4win, basically any key with
a bigger DSA than 1024 will give me strange errors. for ex when I try
and sign another key it says that that key has expired even though it
hasn't and signing fails repeatedly. The same keys work fine in a
newer version of pgp so I know the keys are fine. A smaller pgp-key,
like 1024/4096 works fine in gpg4win

After hours on the net I've realised that everything bigger than 1024
is DSA2, and this exists in the "real" gpg (with '--enable-dsa2')
under linux, but not in the windows version?
Please correct me if I'm wrong. Is there any page which states the
constraints of gpg4win, like what keys/ciphers/hash works etc etc?

I'm using several platforms, so I want keys that work as well on linux
as on windows, but I rather have the largest keys possible... and 1024
is more a default that I hope to avoid.

I'm looking for any information regarding more advanced features in
gpg4win. I can't read german but from what I gathered from babelfish
even the advanced manual doesn't seem to discuss dsa2 and various
ciphers and how to create your keys according to your own specs?


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