[Gpg4win-users-en] Totally insane - gpg4win GPGol won't encrypt or sign!

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at telia.com
Sun Sep 13 10:56:20 CEST 2009

I am now getting close to the cliff....

In order to get a firm ground to check the workings of gpg4win
I again uninstalled everything I had previously installed concerning GPG.
Then I also rebooted my XP-Pro PC and tried to erase the GnuPG directory
in preparation for a new install.

First problem:
Windows would *not* let me erase the directory because there was 
a dll active out of this dir (pcre.dll)!
I have no idea which process on my PC could have loaded this dll
since all GPG related stuff was uninstalled and I had not started
any program yet (except for Windows Explorer).

So I figured I would install gpg4win 1.4.1 anyway since it probably
wants to use this dll too...

After installation I am now able to use GPGee from the Windows Explorer
context menu to decrypt and encrypt files on my disk. This was not
possible before the uninstall/install cycle.

Next problems:
But now Outlook 2003 is even more weird in its ways....

1) If I write a message and set it to be encrypted (plaintext of course)
then GPGol (I assume) shows a dialog box when I click the Send button.
In this dialog box I am requested to select the keys to be used for
encryption. So I do this and continue.
==> The outgoing message is sent *without* encryption in clear text!

2) If I again make a test message (plain text) and set it to be signed
then GPGol shows a dialog asking me for the signing key and passphrase.
Then it sends the message *unsigned*!

Enigmail test
Since I have Enigmail installed on this computer as well (I use 
Thunderbird for one of my mail accounts) I made two test messages in TB
where I signed one and encrypted one.
==> BOTH of these were properly handled!!!
Since I have only one instance of GPG installed on my PC Enigmail for
Thunderbird managed to use this and sign/encrypt as directed whereas
GPGol for Outlook 2003 fails miserably at this. :-(

So the end result is that it looks like there is something broken
with GPGol and I am now at wits end as to how I can debug this problem.

All help welcome!
I really need this GPG to be integrated in Outlook 2003 since
this is where all of my normal mail is handled and I cannot easily change
since I have many many many thousands of archived messages in Outlook that
I need access to.

Best Regards,

Bo Berglund

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