[Gpg4win-users-en] gpg4win issues with MS Outlook 2003

Emanuel Schütze emanuel at intevation.de
Thu Sep 9 10:28:24 CEST 2010

Hi Steve,

Am 08.09.2010 um 21:24 schrieb Steiner, Steve:

> I have installed gpg4win 2.0.4 on my work laptop running MS Office 2003.  Outlook was not running when I installed plus I rebooted and since installation of gpg4win I cannot send an email or reply emails. I have uninstalled gpg4win, rebooted, and can once again send emails and reply to e-mails.

I have done many tests with Gpg4win, WinXP and Outlook 2003 - but I don't know you problem...
Can you click the "send" button in Outlook? What happens with Outlook/Kleopatra? Is one of the applications freezed? Can you decrypt/verify an email with Outlook2003+Kleopatra?

Do you have tested with the current beta version 2.1.0-beta1?


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